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Over the past few decades, soccer has made major inroads in the United States. With the expansion of soccer media in the States, it has become easier than ever to find a club to follow. The days of scrambling to find soccer news in random overseas magazines or stumbling across a friendly in the U.S. is over. All you have to do to find a team to follow is turn on a sports network or Google “soccer”. Of course, what you’ll find everywhere are the same clubs, those massive marketing machines that win the titles and have the global following.

This site is not here to condemn anyone for rooting for Manchester United or Bayern Munich. I myself have been rooting for Arsenal for almost my entire soccer life for example. But the soccer universe is not limited to the top 10-15 most moneyed clubs. When you look past the names the media is always obsessing over, you see the rich tapestry of soccer history and culture. That is what this site is for, to celebrate and educate fans on those “other teams”.

Why “minnows”?

True soccer fans know that many of the clubs covered on this site are not really soccer minnows. PSV Eindhoven, FC Porto, and Hamburg have all won the UEFA Champions League in my lifetime but all three and their fans will feel comfortable on our site. Torino in Italy was a massive power. Yet all of these clubs cannot compete with their larger money brethren in fans, sponsors, or attention in today’s American soccer media.

Regardless of their status in soccer history, these clubs are ignored by major national media dependent on ratings and clicks. Transfer stories are written about them only when their players are being bought. Thus they are truly minnows in the eyes of the mainstream soccer world, even when such a description is untrue as soccer historians know.

What kinds of clubs will this site cover?

When talking about soccer minnows, there is a wide world of soccer that could be discussed. This site could cover Indian clubs, the J-league, CONCACAF leagues in Central America, or any number of smaller leagues that deserve soccer fans’ attention. However, every site has to set its scope on a specific target, to allow it to excel in what it offers.

Soccer Minnows will focus on European and lower-level U.S. clubs because those are the kinds of leagues American soccer fans are learning more about and beginning to follow more closely. This site will have stories about the English clubs below the Championship, Scottish league, Irish League, and continental clubs not named Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, or PSG. We will also cover the lower leagues in the U.S. While we welcome any reader from anywhere, we recognize that most of our visitors will be from the U.S. and be on the road of their soccer journey, so our slant will be that direction.

What kind of content will I find here?

We are a site for fans by fans. So our content will be for fans, to learn more about a wider soccer culture as well as share their thoughts and opinions. Our posts will not only be analysis of the news for these clubs as well as updates on standings and results, but this site will have fan perspectives, arguments for or against clubs, and stories. This site will be a resource for people interested in those “other” clubs.

Inter-spliced with traditional text and posts will be videos and interactive content. We believe a website in 2016 should not be a static data dump, but a place to go and experience content. As times change and technology changes, we will aim to change with it.

How can I contribute to this soccer community?

Write for us! Join our Facebook page and follow-up on Twitter. Follow our (coming) YouTube page. Participate in the conversation(s) around your favorite team or league.

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