Thank you to everyone who nominated clubs in our first contest to select three teams to cover extensively on the site. The below are a mix of nominated and selected clubs for our reader vote. The polls are open between now and Friday at 5 PM ET.

Use the poll below to register your vote. You and your friends can vote early and often. If you are undecided or don’t know the clubs, each below has a short description of why the clubs are interesting. Feel free to try and swing the vote using the hashtag #SoccerMinnow on social media. Please vote for only one club in each category!

British Isles
  • United London FC: As we covered here, United London FC allows its fans to pick its starting XI every game.
  • Lewes: If you like clubs founded at pubs, Lewes is for you. The founders met and created the team in the 1880s in The Royal Oak in East Sussex. The club is currently fan-owned and one of the owners is Patrick Marber.
  • Cambridge United: The U’s returned to the Football League in 2014. Although they are a perennial lower league side, they did make the quarterfinals of the FA Cup in the 1990s.
  • Oxford United FC: The Oxes have the dubious distinction of being the only English team to win a major trophy (League Cup, 1986) and fall out of the Football League. Regardless, they count Virgin’s Richard Branson, among others, as celebrity fans.
  • CS Lebowski: Yes, the club is named for the Coen Brother’s titular character. The Florence-based¬†club was founded by soccer fans disillusioned with the corporate soccer structure.
  • Kalloni FC: Currently¬†playing in the Greek second division, Kalloni plays on the famous island of Lesbos near Turkey.
  • Real Oviedo: The Blues produced soccer stars like Santi Cazorla, Juan Mata, and Michu, who turned around and supported a campaign that saved the club from bankruptcy in 2012.
  • Sassuolo: The current Serie A side wasn’t even in the professional leagues until 1998. Their home stadium, Stadio Enzo Ricci, was too small when they were promoted to Serie B (and subsequently Serie A) so they share a field with another club.
  • FC St. Pauli: This German club is known more for its supporters than its actual play. The fans are notoriously left-wing, to the point that they pressured the club in the 2000s to remove Maxim magazine advertising from the stadium due to its depiction of women.
  • ZTE: This Hungarian club (full name Zalaegerszegi Torna Egylet) is famous for beating Manchester United in the Champions League qualifying stage in 2002. It has won one domestic title and as founded during the Austro-Hungarian empire.
  • Malmo FF: The Blues are a power in Scandinavian soccer, and hold the distinction of being the only Nordic club to have reached a European cup Final (European Cup 1979, lost to Nottingham Forest). The club is an open membership club which elects its Chair.
  • Dynamo Kiev: Dynamo is a historic club and became famous for its disruption of the Moscow hegemony in the Soviet Union soccer leagues. The club has never been relegated from the top flight, regardless of league or country, and has developed some of soccer history’s greatest talent.

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