Today is a busy day in the world of Soccer Minnows. We have two big announcements, with the first announcement being the one you have been waiting patiently for since Friday.

The winners of our expanded coverage contest are United London FC, Real Oviedo, and FC St. Pauli. All three clubs will begin receiving expanded coverage beginning September 1, so be ready for some great content on these great clubs. Thank you also to all the fans who voted and participated.

In addition, we noticed that there was a surge of votes for Kalloni FC, but unfortunately, many of them were after the voting deadline ended. However, we will dedicate some space this fall, winter, and spring to reporting on the team as a consolation.

Finally, the editors of the site will be on travel for the next eight days. That means new content will not be as regular as it usually is. We do have a few good things queued up for you, including a great “thought piece” on a lower level U.S. club, an interview with an author of a new book on a soccer minnow, and more city travel guides. Don’t worry, the site still exists and in fact, this week was our best week ever for visits and comments. Just don’t be surprised if you do not receive the most consistent stream of new material. The site will return to normal come next week.

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