If you watched any of the Championship Promotion Play-off match, you would have seen numerous shots of Sir Patrick Stewart celebrating Huddersfield Town’s victory and promotion. The famous actor is one of many celebrities who have served as the face of soccer clubs throughout the years. Some are well known – Elton John and Watford, Piers Morgan and Arsenal, Shakira and Barcelona, and so on.

However, plenty of celebrities skip rooting for the front runners and pull for the smaller clubs around the world. Below is a list of some of the better known. If you know of any celebrities and their soccer minnow crushes, leave them in the comments and we will add them to the list (with Twitter or appropriate social media attribution).

Robert Carlisle: The Trainspotting, Full Monty, and Johnnie Walker star has told the media he is bored with the Premier League, and the matches are overpriced. Instead, he supports Partick Thistle. You remember them right?

Daniel Day-Lewis: The now-retired actor once mentioned playing in the terraces of Millwall as one of the playgrounds of his youth. In an interview with the Independent, he described his youth as follows: “I supported Millwall with great gusto and was on the terraces every Saturday with the rest of the lads”.

Meat Loaf: The musician went shopping for a new home in the early 2000s in Hartlepool and fell in love with the local club.

Melinda Messenger: She may be more famous on the other side of the pond, but the Brit super model was born in Swindon. She never abandoned her roots and when the club made a push for promotion to the Championship, the local paper noted her support for the home club.

Gary Oldman: The versatile actor grew up idolizing George Best and following the local club Millwall. Later in life he admitted that he was not following soccer as closely but found out later in life that his father has featured for Millwall.

Ridley Scott: The famous director was born in an area of England where most boys end of rooting for Sunderland, but instead he fell in love with Hartlepool United.

Robbie Williams: The crooner supports his hometown Port Vale, currently residing in League Two. He was actually a shareholder in the club until it went into administration in 2012. Recently he made news saying he supported the other local club Stoke City unless they played Port Vale; even though there are three divisions between the clubs they are historic rivals.


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