One year ago today, I launched this site with an ambitious goal. I wanted to create a community for the “other clubs”, those soccer teams rich in history or culture that were overshadowed by the big money clubs. For every Manchester United there was an FC Manchester, and usually, you only hear about them when they upset a bigger club or for a quirky “did you hear” story. This site set out to be different, to give these clubs a moment in the sun outside of their local fans in front of an American audience.

One year later, where does the site stand? Well certainly there could be more content (and more regular content) but there is much to be proud of:

But there is room for growth. Lots of room for growth. This site promised community and my goal is to create that community. In the coming year, I promise the following to you the reader to make this a better site for you:

  • I will be adding editors to help drive content and diversify the site’s voice
  • We will focus on European clubs but welcome content from other parts of the world from writers who want to regularly contribute
  • We will add more sponsors to make the site more professional and even try to pay long-time writers
  • Our popular columns will have regular slots so you know when City Guides and Know a Manager are coming out
  • We will engage more on social media to find more stories that need to be told
  • On that note, we will dispense with news reporting except when necessary and focus on story telling. You can find news about clubs from numerous sites but we want to be a knowledge and community source for those clubs.

As always, I want to hear from you. Tell me what you like, don’t like, and want more of, and if it works for the site I’m open to it. If you want to contribute (write, sponsor, edit, etc.) by all mean contact me and the editors through the site or find us on social media.

It’s been a good year one, and I look forward to an exemplary year two.

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