Every soccer story starts somewhere.  The greatest striker once toiled in an academy, while the greatest managers had to break down youth team films all day.  And, to write for the biggest and most high-profile sites, a writer needs to hone his craft somewhere.

Soccer Minnows is a great site, but it is not the kind of major media-backed site that will bring you instant fame and fortune as a writer.  It will, however, give you a platform for your writing voice and a respectable place for you to publish your works.

When I created this site, I wanted it to be a place new or new to soccer writers could come to safely experiment with their style and write about what they love without the immediate pressure of SEO or name-checking the biggest clubs to build clicks.  While Soccer Minnows likes views, clicks, and advertiser dollars, I am forever indebted to those editors who took me, a new soccer fan, and gave me a chance to write after my soccer “conversion”. This site is paying it forward.

We also seek experienced writers looking for a safe space to write about more niche or smaller topics, as an outlet for your creative freedom.  In terms of compensation, unfortunately we are not at the point where we can pay writers but, if you write well, drive page views, and help the site grow, you will become eligible for compensation in the future.

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